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Gina podcast - Is 4 days of maternity enough
Gina Mellotte is a voice-over artist who has, among her many accolades, been the voice of the BAFTAs!
She is Mum to Frankie (9) and had the unusual experience of returning to work after 4 days. She is one of those people who brings energy into a room. She’s honest, thoughtful and wholehearted. Gina doesn’t shy away from bringing her truth to this episode – she’s an inspiration to all women (whether employed or self-employed) about the reality of being a professional working mum.

In this episode, we explore the challenges of being self-employed and the fear that often accompanies taking time off work. Gina speaks frankly about the emotional and mental impact of taking such a short time off work and shares her reflections about how she might do it differently if she had that time again.

She also shares her insights around setting boundaries and being clear with clients about when she is or isn’t available. You’ll also enjoy listening to her fabulous voice!
Ruth podcast - emotions banished from the work place?
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